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Data Agnostic

We understand the struggle of dealing with a myriad of output types from diagnostic tool.  No matter your data format, HipDynamics will accept it.

Multi-dimensional Slicing

Data has become rich in features. Particularly the addition of time can cause headaches in later stages. HipDynamics helps to intuitively cut through your dimensions and extract the right information.


Good-bye countless hours of perfecting plots. HipDynamics offers an intuitive graphing tool, designed for scientific and academic publications.



"Repetition is the mother of all learning", not when it involves clicking buttons. HipDynamics allows you to set up sub-routines to automate your tasks.

Sharing is Caring

Working in a team? HipDynamics allows you to selectively share data, results and workflows. Any updates to your shared content can be instantly viewed by your team. 


Rejoice - All of your results, slices and plots can be exported in multiple formats, no questions asked.



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